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Just like ‘The Metaverse’, ‘DeFi’ (decentralized Finance) is a term that is beginning to enter the mainstream lexicon. However, it remains a vaguely defined concept for many people. Fidarzi defined its vision to be part of the world of decentralized finance long before the term was widely used. Fidarzi prides itself on closing the gap between the world of current systems and the ever-changing world of cryptocurrencies.

The Fidarzi app aims to be an inherently mainstream product, created with the mass market in mind. It will allow the widest possible audience to buy, hold, exchange and spend their digital assets. The application is currently being developed and is due to be officially released in Q2 2023. The app will bring innovative features to users who are more familiar with traditional online banking platforms. Since digital currencies are typically viewed as complicated and inaccessible, the Fidarzi app seeks to remove these complexities.

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App Function 1: WALLET and DEX (Decentralized Exchange)

With the increasing public interest in DeFi, the Fidarzi Wallet will harness the same UI (User Interface) already familiar to the members using older finance apps. With no territorial restrictions on usage, the Fidarzi DEX will open up the benefits of DeFi to people around the world. Our exchange has streamlined the laborious and tedious process of KYC, as our community is built on trust and invitation-only. By removing the KYC requirement, we have made it easier and more convenient for our users to join and participate in our decentralized community without any barriers or delays. Test the BETA VERSION for yourself at


Our platform will cater to users seeking a more secure alternative to traditional social networks. The platform features an invitation-only system and is peer-to-peer moderated to ensure a safe and secure experience for users. We believe this will build a level of TRUST that sets us apart from other platforms. 

App Function 2: The FIZI Card

After launching the FIZI Card (a crypto-enabled debit card), members will be able to spend their crypto using the FIZI CARD. We aim to include other features such as discounts on multiple spending and travel benefits, making it one of the most user-friendly travel cards on the market. The FIZI CARD will be a key part of our rewards programme, as users will earn FIZI rewards for every token they hold, and all other bonuses. These bonuses can then be used on day-to-day spending using the FIZI CARD by simply topping up their card. Fidarzi plans to continuously innovate its debit card offering and by continuously adding features, making it our members’ card of choice when it comes to ease of use and rewards.

$FIZI Token sale launching soon!


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